Hibiscus and Strawberry Juice

Try my amazing Hibiscus and Strawberry Juice. Made from pretty, deep red Hibiscus flower petals and strawberries.

It has a naturally sour like cranberry taste, but the strawberries compliment it so well. It’s a very pleasant juice for hot, sunny days.

The power of Hibiscus

When dried hibiscus flowers are steeped in hot water, the dark red hibiscus is called karkadeh / karkady in Arabic, and is popular in North Africa, particularly Egypt and Sudan. In Egypt and Sudan, wedding celebrations are traditionally toasted with a glass of hibiscus tea.

In West Africa, it’s known as bissap, tsoborodo or wonjo; bissap is called the ‘national drink of Senegal.’ Hibiscus is rich in antioxidants minerals and vitamin C.

Coming soon

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